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Types Of Software Architecture You Need For Your Business

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There are different types of software architectures available in the market, but not all of them can be implemented according to your requirements. So, the need arises to have a clear understanding on the types of software architecture you require and to choose one according to your business requirements. The following types of software architecture are discussed below. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them:

What Does Software Architecture Do In A business?

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Software Architect: Software architects are well versed with the requirements of the organization and are adept at developing effective software architecture solutions. Their main job is to define the requirements of the organization and design the software architecture accordingly. A software architect must be skilled enough to express his or her ideas and concepts in four main paradigms-the architectural paradigms.

Architecture: Build model and establish expectations for each of the user groups that will come under the organization.

Design Patterns: Create design patterns for users, which will make the software easy to use and customize according to their needs. Design Principles: Create clear and concise constraints that help users easily understand what they want.

Business Architect: Business architects are specialized software architects who are best suited to handle the business applications, which may include ERP applications, ERP management systems, database and other applications. The main task of a business architect is to implement the architecture of the software within the organization, to ensure that the application runs smoothly without any problem and to make it flexible and adaptable to future business requirements. They will also oversee the implementation of changes in the system to make it more effective and cost effective.

Application Architect: Application architect is specialized software engineers who are trained and qualified to handle a wide variety of software applications, like web services, mobile services, data services, desktop applications, etc. They can develop the software architecture according to a specific business process or project and also handle user interfaces and application security. An application architect will also design the test suite for the application to ensure that it meets the expectations of the users. As the software architecture evolves, they will be involved in the entire system development cycle, ensuring that it is robust, flexible and easy to use.

Software Engineering: This type of architecture focuses more on the software’s architecture and provides the infrastructure required by the software to run smoothly. This architecture is ideal for small and medium enterprises. There are two types of software engineering-experienced and novice engineers. These engineer will specialize in either of the two categories. Experienced engineers are skilled in software engineering and will specialize in large scale software engineering while novices are skilled in the more detailed architecture.

Expert Software Engineers: Expert Software Engineers is skilled professionals in software engineering. These individuals can provide more detailed information on these types of architecture and the types of organizations they work for.

Some Other Types Of Software Architecture

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There are other types of software architecture, like the functional, distributed and the hybrid architectures, which differ in terms of the application structure. However, all the architecture types are concerned with providing the framework to the application to run smoothly and with great ease. For the most part, these types of architecture have the same basic concept, but are implemented in a slightly different way. The most commonly used types of architectures are the following.


The above types of software architecture are discussed briefly above and discussed briefly in the paper. Hence, you can get an idea on the type of architecture you require for your business requirements and it will help to decide the architecture that suits your organization.

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