Romanesque Architecture: Western Style I Facts One Should Know

Romanesque Architecture: Western Style

Romanesque Architecture: Western Style

The Greek world was fundamental for the development of Romanesque architecture along with the contributions of the Etruscan culture. However, it also had an unquestionable personality, manifested primarily in romanesque architecture.

Later Romanesque architecture had a great impact on Western cultures, being the cultural base of the West to the present day.

Art in Rome finds its route to serve new needs. This explains the birth of new manifestations and also the appearance of art with great centralization and unitary, not only in Rome but also in the rest of the Empire.

The Main Features That Romanesque Architecture Brings As A Novelty Are:

  • Concern, in architecture, for the mass game that comes from the elements used in construction.
  • Architecture is much more colossal.
  • As a basic architectural element, the arch, the vault and, therefore, the dome will be used.
  • The portrait emerges in the sculpture.
  • Rome was the creator of historical, continuous and narrative relief.

The Main Features Of Romanesque Architecture

  • It is an architecture characterized by monumentality, not only for the space it occupies but also for its meaning. This is also given by the idea of the immortality of the Empire.
  • It is a utilitarian, practical, functional architecture. For this and also for the state structure itself, new buildings appear, with a great development of civil and military architecture: basilicas, hot springs, etc.
  • It is a dynamic architecture, as a consequence of the use of some constructive elements such as the arch and the vault.
  • The materials used are very varied: stone cut in regular ashlars and ready to noose and blight, concrete, brick, masonry, wood. When the material was poor it used to be coated with stucco, marble slabs or mosaic ornamentation or painting.
  • The Tuscan order and also the Ionic and Corinthian used. Although the most significant was the use of the elegant compound order. The overlapping of orders in very tall buildings was also very frequent. Normally the Tuscan order used on the ground floor, the Ionian in the middle and the Corinthian in the upper one. The capitals, in general, present reasons with greater freedom than in Greece and there are some with figuration.
  • Also, the Roman architecture used the superposition in the same vein of the arch and the lintel.

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Romanesque Architecture: Western Style
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Romanesque Architecture: Western Style
Romanesque Architecture: Western Style


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