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Different Types Of Architecture Plan Layout For Your House

Architecture Plan Layout

Yes, there are different types of architectural plans. From floor plans, site plans, to ceiling plans, numerous types of plans exist. You want to find out exactly what you need before hiring the service of an architectural designer, but what if you don’t even know which architectural plans you need? This is why you have to know some of the architectural plans available.

Each plan tells a unique story about the space being worked on. One architectural plan doesn’t replace the other, instead they complement one another. Hence, we discuss different types of architecture plan layout for your house.

Floor Plans

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These are common and essential architectural plans to a building. They give you an overhead view of your space; think of it as if you’re looking down into a space, from a plane, with the ceiling taken off.

Different types of floor plans exist. The 2D version of floor plan is used as the basis when planning a building. It shows the measurement of the space being worked on; the wall length, the locations of each door etc.

There are also the 2D and 3D versions of furniture plans. Furniture plans are essentially floor plans with furniture indicated in them. Instead of focusing on measurements like the basic floor plan, these plans focus more on how the space accommodates furniture; couches, tables and more.

The 3D version of the furniture plan not only gives you the measurement of how objects fit into the space, but also a specific 3D view of the space from above, with specific furniture view.

Site Plans

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Instead of showing just the space being worked on like the floor plans, site plans show the entire building with measurements. Site plans may be drawn for a host of houses, rather than just single houses. Site plans allow you the luxury of either having the floors detailed, as in floor plans, or not. With site plans, you can comfortably indicate the relation between multiple buildings.

The 2D type of site plan basically indicates the measurements of the space. The 3D site plan, however, is more detailed. It gives more specificity on the space outlook.

Landscape plans

As you create exterior and interior architectural plans, you need to complete them with a proper landscape plan. Accessories to single buildings like gardens, flowers, pools, lawn decorations, and even fountains, will be indicated in a landscape plan. In apartment complexes, accessories like walkways and sidewalks are also indicated in landscape plans.

Landscape plans tend to beautify the exterior of the house, as well as the interior, for not only single houses, but also apartment complexes. You may even utilise these plans to increase to flow of foot traffic to multiple houses.


Different types of architectural plans exist. How do you determine which one your house needs when hiring a professional? Hence, we discuss different types of architecture plan layout for your house.

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