Develop Architecture Design Concept For A Unique Building -

Develop Architecture Design Concept For A Unique Building

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Who doesn’t want their home, office, shop or any building they own to stand out and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time? Our architecture design concepts have developed a lot during the past century. From living in straw huts to building triple-storey houses, humanity has taken leaps in the positive direction. When it comes to new and innovative ideas, your imagination is your limit. Designing and constructing a new building costs a fortune, so if you’re spending so much, why not do it right and give your building the most unique look. If you are an architecture student who is struggling to think up new architecture design concepts, we are here to untie the knot forming in your brain.

4 Ways To Develop Architecture Design Concepts

Following are 5 best architecture design concepts to streamline your thoughts and get you started in the right direction.



Firstly, you should be clear about the location of the building you are looking to design. Knowing the location would help you determine the type of building that can be constructed there. Is there enough space for a wide building or do you need to increase the height of the building? Is the area busy with a lot of traffic or is it a quiet neighborhood? Knowing the location beforehand will help you answer these questions. Knowing the location also tells you about the atmosphere of the area which helps you to decide whether your building requires more windows for sunlight or does it need some extra features depending on the climate and weather conditions of that place.

2.Construction Material


Selecting the material beforehand can help you get a rough sketch of the type of building you can construct. Each material has its limitations and keeping in mind the properties of those materials, you can know what kind of building would be possible to construct.


This is one of the most important steps when you want to think of a new architecture design concept. First make a rough sketch of the building you have in mind. Just draw whatever comes to your mind. After giving it some final touches, take your sketch to 3D designing software to have a look at the virtual model of your building. It really helps when you put your thoughts to paper and then convert the sketch to a model. It will help you see the final shape that your building will give which will enable you to look for some possible flaws and check the feasibility of the building.

4.Take Your Time And Go Through Your Research

Good ideas hardly pop up in your brain in a matter of seconds. Good ideas require time and critical thinking to evolve. Your concept will get better with the more time you give it. Use this time to go through your data. Carefully analyze the site and list out the potential problems you might face. Jot down your ideas; patience is the key.


Many young architects struggle to mind inspiration for new and innovative architecture design concepts. It is a time-taking process to develop these concepts and you need to let your imagination run free. These tips will definitely help you in developing good architecture design concepts.

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